wreck yourself


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Taylor’s been calling bullshit since Sunday School. Not because his 8 year old self didn't believe in God– but because he didn't believe in the god he was being sold.

The difficulty of being raised around a fundamental religious viewpoint is having to look through that same lens while trying to unlearn it.

‘Wreck Yourself’ is a collection of essays Taylor wrote and published from 2011-2013. This little book is a time capsule of sorts, preserving relics of thought during a spiritual awakening and transformation.

If you “have issues” with the religion you were raised in but can't bring yourself to abandon God altogether, you might enjoy this.

If you're cool with Jesus but not so much the religion that bears his name, maybe this is for you.

And if you’re starting to think leaving church doesn't have to mean leaving God, you're probably in the right place.

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